The Musik & Klima blog​

In the interest of finding a direct way to share thoughts, projects and concepts and to initiate discussions, we have added a blog format to our website. […]

Artistic and educational engagement with the topic of music and climate is picking up steam. New interdisciplinary initiatives are forming everywhere, publications, songs, and operas are being produced, people are coming together to explore the resonance between sound and climate.

In the Music Educators for Future team, we asked ourselves how we could respond to this dynamic with our website.

Social media does make it possible to participate in discourse on a daily basis. At the same time, the format often does not allow people to elaborate their thoughts in an appropriate way. While academic publications do offer the space to deal with complex issues in depth, these texts appear with a time delay due to the sometimes months-long review processes and often disappear behind a paywall.

That is why we want to try out a blog as a medium that may seem “old-school” and still offers the possibility to combine direct communication with the presentation of ideas, positions and material. We invite interested writers to share their thoughts on our homepage, to comment on contributions and to add diverse perspectives on the climate crisis from the perspective of music and music education.
At the same time, we will be using the blog to provide updates on our own activities. Stay tuned…

Silke, Linus and Jonas