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In recent years, numerous musicians have dealt with the climate crisis in an artistic way. Their songs & compositions are statements and calls for a change in global climate policy.

Here we collect “climate music” of any kind. We are happy to receive hints and additions.

Blue Man Group on Global Warming

Howler Monkey: Greta Thunberg

Mal Élevé „Planet“

KiZ – Hurra die Welt geht unter

QULT – Wie viel kostet die Zukunft 

Galina Ustwolskaja – Dies irae

Saltatio Mortis: Palmen aus Stahl

Omnia: Earth Warrior

Bodo Wartke: Hambacher Wald

Uwe Busse: Nur zu Gast auf dieser Welt

Alexandra: Mein Freund, der Baum 

Marvin Gaye: Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

Beastie Boys: Time to Build

Neil Young: Who’s gonna stand up?

Anohni: 4 Degrees

Peter Gabriel: Red Rain

John Mayall: Nature’s Disappearing

The Cranberrys: Time is ticking out

Jimmy Cliff: Save our planet earth

Midnight oil: Beds are burning

Don Henley: Goodbye to a River

The Beatles: Mother Nature’s Son

Bob Dylan: A hard Rain’s a gonna fall

Bruce Cockburn: If a tree falls

Bad Religion: Kyoto Now!

Radiohead: Idioteque

Breaking Laces: Global Warming Day

Jamiroquai: When You gonna Learn

Neil Young & the Crazy Horse: Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

Cat Stevens: Where Do the children play

Joni Mitchell: Big Yellow Taxi

Depeche Mode: Landscape is changing

Ben Harper: Excuse Me Mr.

The Pixies: Monkey Gone To Heaven

One Republic: Truth to Power

Gotye: Eyes Wide Open

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

Jason Mraz: Only Human

Aerosmith: Nobody’s Fault

Canned Heat: Going Up the Country S.O.S. (Mother Nature)

John Denver: Rocky Mountain High

Temptation: Paradise (What About Us?)

After Forever: Equally Destructive

The Dave Matthews Band: Don’t Drink the Water

The Pretenders: My City Was Gone

Alabama: Pass It On Down

Metallica: Blackened

Melissa Etheridge: I Need to Wake Up

Madonna: 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland) 

Sting: Fields of Gold

R.E.M.: Fall On Me

Disturbed: Another Way to Die

Jackson Browne: Doctor My Eyes

Brad Paisley: Gone Green

John Anderson: Seminole Wind

AURORA – The Seed:

Fridays For Future DE – Kein Grad weiter:

Fridays For Future DE – Fight Every Crisis:

Alligatoah – Lass liegen:

Gundermann – Halte durch:

4PS – Vor unserm Hause:

Mauricio Kagel (1980): Die Erschöpfung der Welt. Szenische Illusion in einem Aufzug

Gerhard Müller-Hornbach (1985/87): Wir sind ein Teil der Erde … Komposition aus Klang, Licht und Bewegung nach der Rede des Häuptlings Seattle

Eureka Ensemble nurtures social impact through music: