Silke Schmid

Silke Schmid is Professor of Music Education at the Institute of Music, PH Freiburg. Silke’s interests range from empirical and theoretical approaches to the musical experiences and well-being of children to innovative school development and cultural participation. She is committed to the theoretically sound and courageous evidence-based development of educational settings and policies.

Jonas Völker

Jonas Völker is a post-doc research associate at the University of Cologne and a teacher with the subjects music and social sciences at Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium in Neuss. In January 2022, he successfully completed his music education PhD at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg with distinction. Jonas’ current research focuses on digitally supported, creative approaches to music, interculturally oriented learning in music education, and the pedagogical response to the climate crisis. Additionally, he is an active percussionist and artist (visit for more information).

Linus Eusterbrock

Linus Eusterbrock is post-doc research associate at the University of Cologne. After studying musicology and philosophy at University of Cologne and University Paris-Sorbonne, he worked at the Philharmonie Luxembourg and as a music and philosophy teacher. In 2022, he obtained a PhD with distinction from University of Cologne (doctoral thesis: aesthetic experiences in mobile music making). His research interests include digital music production, technology in music education, and music and climate change.

Lisa Weidemann

Lisa Weidemann studies education at the PH Freiburg and takes care of the homepage and the platform’s social media.When it comes to music and sustainable development she is mostly interested in good health and wellbeing (master thesis on prevention of mental health issues in music education), and peace and justice. As a member of the association Musik für den Frieden (music for peace), she believes in the great potential of music for international communication and peaceful encounters.