Main Idea

“Since our problems are the result of design, the solutions to these problems must also be the result of design” (arte, 2021)
Around the world, young people are participating in large numbers in demonstrations for climate justice. This generation is challenging the general public with the question of how to deal with the climate crisis. Schools and other institutions of music education are places where generations intersect and can no longer avoid facing this issue. How can music education be (re)designed in view of the global crisis? And how can musical creativity in particular enable us to experience these existential issues in a new way, promote “design thinking” as a creative competence, and thus become part of the solution, not the problem?

We discuss these and other questions in a team that includes several universities. Inspired by teaching projects, it is our wish to extend our (hitherto) university-based engagement with climate change and music to a larger public, to share the results of teaching and research, and to contribute to a future-oriented style of music education.

The goal is to reach out – because music in particular can open doors “that (…) remain closed to politics or science” (Markus Rindt, artistic director of the Dresden Symphony Orchestra).

Thinking about the future can be fun and encourage people to explore creative alternatives and design utopias. Design Thinking asks: What if…? This is why our online platform should entice people to reflect, stimulate exchange and create networks between all kinds of music-related professions. We aim to present projects and initiatives, promote events, bewerben, provide information on research and publications, and collect and distribute (teaching) strategies and materials for the discussion of climate change in music education.